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Design Trend: Black and White Wallpaper

Design Trend: Black and White Wallpaper

Warhol Wallpaper


Wallpaper and fabric designers always have one foot in the design world and the other in the art world. Taking cues from fine art keeps repeat patterns fresh and thrilling.


Wall Hangings

Urban Source showroom

In the Urban Source showroom

Meet Studio Printworks!


Meet the newest member of our Indie studio family: Studio Printworks.



Patterned Headboards

Designing with Pets

When you have a pet, they truly become an important member of your family. We understand - as designers, we all have pets too and can't imaging our lives without them! 

Styling Your Coffee Table



Interior designers know that sometimes it's not about WHAT you have, it's about what you DO with what you have that counts. Good styling elevates a functional room to a fabulous environment.

Winter Picks!


It’s that time of year where we are all getting a little antsy indoors. Yet we are still many months away from warmer weather. Our solution to your cabin fever is to liven up your interior.

Holiday Table Settings

We are all gearing up for the holidays: Shopping, baking, making, and trying to brainstorm festive décor for your upcoming holiday party!

Urban Source would like to inspire you to recycle those left over bits of fabric, textures, and wallpaper from your last project. Use these materials as the decorations on your holiday table settings.