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Designing with Pets

When you have a pet, they truly become an important member of your family. We understand - as designers, we all have pets too and can't imaging our lives without them! 

Styling Your Coffee Table



Interior designers know that sometimes it's not about WHAT you have, it's about what you DO with what you have that counts. Good styling elevates a functional room to a fabulous environment.

Winter Picks!


It’s that time of year where we are all getting a little antsy indoors. Yet we are still many months away from warmer weather. Our solution to your cabin fever is to liven up your interior.

Holiday Table Settings

We are all gearing up for the holidays: Shopping, baking, making, and trying to brainstorm festive décor for your upcoming holiday party!

Urban Source would like to inspire you to recycle those left over bits of fabric, textures, and wallpaper from your last project. Use these materials as the decorations on your holiday table settings.

Patterned Window Treatments

Most of our clients opt for neutral window treatments. It is the classic option and often perfect for finishing a polished space. This design option allows other elements of your space to shine; such as wallpaper, upholstered furniture, and boldly printed pillows.


Meet Home Fashion Fabrics!

Meet Josi Severson of Home Fashion Fabrics!

For anyone who has ever wondered why kids get to have all the fun when it comes to colorful textiles—Josi Severson of Home Fashion Fabrics has the answer.

Fall Picks!

This fall is full of awe-inspiring patterns. We always recommend mixing it up by adding new patterns to your space during the fall season. After all, you will be spending a lot of time indoors come winter! Make it interesting with a new design.

We chose our favorite patterns for this season..

Meet Liz Clary!


The West Town Art Walk is right around the corner. Urban Source is excited to feature Liz Clary as our local artisan for this event.

Inspiration Boards

Being a designer is not just about the end result. It is also about the journey of creating along the way.


So much life, energy, and passion exists in the studio. We wanted to take a minute to celebrate their creativity by sharing some inspiration boards! We asked some of our favorite indie studios to share images of arrangements they put together during their design process…